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Is God selfish?

The topic of whether God is selfish is not directly addressed in the Bible since it is likely that no one in ancient times thought to ask it. It is a very contemporary question. It's been popular in recent years to portray God as egocentric and even selfish. This charge is frequently made by non-believers who use it to demonstrate that the God of the Bible is not actually good. The phrase is sometimes phrased along the lines of "the God of the Bible created everything for His own glory and then demands His people worship and serve Him or He will torture them in hell for all of eternity if they refuse."

It seems that a person's grief over perceived selfishness in others increases with how selfish they themselves. A child who is truly selfless will not become upset if another child refuses to share his toys. Selfishness is the act of focusing attention on oneself when it is not necessary. Given that God is the sole perfect being in the cosmos, all praise, worship, and attention paid to Him are wholly justified. Any claim that God is self-centered is inevitably motivated by a human ambition to take God's place as the proper occupant. Only our own selfishness-centeredness gives us the right to blame God for being selfishness-centered.

From the beginning, God was adequate in Himself. He didn't need to make other living things to satisfy Himself. There was perfect love and camaraderie inside the Trinity. Humans were only made so that we might share in experiencing His love and perfection. Comparing God to a selfish person is akin to a 5-year-old kid accusing his parents of being selfish for not buying him all the toys he wants. In addition, his parents have the gall to ask him to assist with household tasks. In fact, they demand that he always obey them and treat them with respect. They insist that he follow their instructions even though he knows better than they do. The youngster's parents' selfish selfishness is the only excuse he can think of.

We intentionally endeavour to expel God from our lives because it is in our nature to rebel against Him and live as masters of our own destiny. God has every right to simply let us go about our sad lives. (Whatever else hell may contain, that is undoubtedly a significant portion of it.) However, God showed His love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners (Romans 5:8). God's selflessness makes it possible for us to receive forgiveness.

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