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Sharing The Gospel at Work

For many Christians, your workplace serves as their major mission field. Although evangelism is not the sole reason God has placed you at your office, there is no greater calling—or joy—than seeing a coworker come to faith in Jesus. Many people work at offices with severe evangelism policies, so it's critical that you're above reproach in your employment as a Christian. But it's far more crucial that you're devoted to God. Evaluate these factors as you consider how to evangelise at work.


The majority of people came to Christianity after hearing the gospel taught to them by someone they trusted and respected. Pray for God to give you a compassionate heart for specific people. Make a list of their names and pray for them on a regular basis. Seek them out for the sake of loving and caring for them, not as a project. Pray for opportunities to share the gospel with them.


It's not about winning an argument when it comes to winning souls. Only the Holy Spirit can bring about a change of heart, the opening of blind eyes, and the birth of a new creature. God, not our clever arguments, is the one who transforms people. By reading and studying the Bible on a regular basis, you can faithfully share the gospel. Take a look at the flow of Paul's sermon on Mars Hill as an example. When the chance arises, pray earnestly that the Holy Spirit will provide you with the words, and believe that God will be present in the dialogue.


Our invitations to attend to church are sometimes misinterpreted by non-Christians as an attempt to convert them to our social club and moral code. We often promote that perception by giving folks reasons to come to church with us. We discuss the wonderful worship experience, the kind people, and the excellent sermon. These things have no appeal to non-Christians, and merely telling someone about your church will not save them. People are saved by Jesus. It is the good news of Jesus Christ that must be shared, not your church's positive experience. Share your church once you've faithfully shared the gospel. The goal isn't to bring someone into your church in the end. It is to bring them into God's kingdom.


I ran across the friend I had been hoping for a month later, and we sat down for lunch. He informed me that he was sitting on his couch, inebriated, staring at the bottle in his hand a week or so after we prayed together in my office. He suddenly decided he didn't want it any more. It was more than just an alcohol problem. It was all the wickedness he had sought for so long that had grown so deep and rooted in his life—it was all suddenly repulsive. He had a lot of questions when he first started reading his Bible, and we spoke about them for several months. Right in front of my eyes, God was forming a new man. He is still walking diligently with the Lord over a year later, and in a month he will marry a great woman he met at our church who also loves Jesus.

There is delight in this life that feels abundant in the moment but goes away. But the thrill of watching a guy who was about to face God's vengeance turn away from sin and rush to Jesus will continue forever. Because my friend will be with me in paradise, it is an eternal joy. I want you to preach the gospel at work because I want you to have the same delight that I have.


Spread God's Words

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