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The Nine Gifts of The Holy Spirit

The Nine Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit bestows nine different gifts on people.

The following Spiritual Gifts are referred to as "The Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit," and they are listed in no particular order. The Bible describes these as miraculous gifts that are available to any Christian who wishes to receive them.

According to the Apostle Paul: "I don't want you to be in the dark about spiritual talents, brethren, so here's what I want you to know:

The Spirit gives different kinds of tongues to different people. One person receives the word of wisdom, another receives the word of knowledge, another receives faith from the same Spirit, another receives gifts of healing from the same Spirit, yet another receives the working of miracles from the same Spirit, yet another receives prophecy from the same Spirit, yet another receives the interpretation of tongues.

But it is one and the same Spirit who is at the heart of all of this, distributing to each person according to His will."

(1 Corinthians 12:1; 8-11)

The Nine Gifts of the Spirit can be divided into three categories: It is possible to have the gifts of revelation, inspiration, and power all at the same time.

One of the most common gifts of Revelation is the:

1. Word of Wisdom, which is a supernatural revelation or insight into the divine intent and purpose that is commonly given by the Holy Spirit to help people solve complex problems and circumstances.

2. The Word of Knowledge is a miraculous revelation of Divine knowledge or insight in the Divine thought, will, or plan. It allows one to know things that are otherwise impossible to know for oneself.

3. Discernment of spirits, which is a supernatural revelation or insight into the realm of spirits in order to discover the presence and plans of the spirits.

Gifts of Inspiring Power:

4. Prophecy: A supernatural speech in one's native language is known as prophecy. It is a marvel of divine speaking that cannot be comprehended or explained by human thinking or thought. It consists in speaking to men for the sake of edifying, exhortation, and comfort.

5. Different kinds of Tongues: The miraculous speech of words in other languages that are unknown to the person who speaks them.

6. Tongue Interpretation and Translation:

The supernatural power to translate into one's native language what is said in other languages that are not known to the one who is interpreting by the Holy Spirit.

Gifts of Influence:

7. This is the supernatural power to believe God without any human doubt, disbelief, or reasonings. It is the seventh gift of faith.

8. The Gift of Healing: The ability to heal all sort of illness through supernatural power, without the use of human intervention or medicine.

9. The Working of Miracles: Is the supernatural ability to intervene in the ordinary course of nature and, if required, to override natural rules.

Scripture states that the gifts of the Spirit are to be exercised through the followers of Christ until the Lord Jesus Christ appears again.


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