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We Are Not to Evaluate Gods Capabilities

We Are Not to Evaluate Gods Capabilities

Our role is not to assess God's capabilities.

How can somebody hold to a biblical conception of God while simultaneously questioning His authority? It appears that some of those who have doubts about God's ability are members of the clergy.

Unfortunately, it is conceivable to be a Bible Scholar while still refusing to believe what the scriptures have to say about something.

If we doubt the Word and knowledge of the One who spoke the planet and the entire world into being, are we not demonstrating a sad lack of understanding?"

When God created the heavens and the earth, he did so in the beginning (Gen 1:1).

God created humanity in His image and gave them a spirit, a soul, a mind, and the ability to communicate intelligently. Later, God donated His life to make it possible for people to live eternal life in His presence.

God's powers are incomprehensible and indefinable to human understanding.

“Oh, the richness of God's wisdom and knowledge! What a treasure trove of information! What a mystery His judgments and ways are, and how impossible it is to discover them! (See Romans 11:33.)

The Bible teaches us in James 1:5 that "if any among you lacks knowledge, let him ask of God."

A wellspring of insight and understanding is found in God...

According to Scripture, God is aware of our thoughts and plans for the future (Psa 139).

• He anticipates our wants before we express them (Matt 6:8), and he recognizes every sparrow that falls (Matt 10:29)

• Each of your hairs on your head has a unique number (Matt 10:30).

The Bible claims that God is Infinitely Holy, Incalculable, Immeasurable, and Unalterable in all of His ways.

There are many deep Bible secrets, but they should be respected rather than exploited by those who are ignorant or misinformed. It is anticipated that many of these will be explained through the fulfillment of prophecy in God's time.

God's secrets are a component of His superiority over humanity, and they are revealed in the Bible. His ways are greater than our ways, and they are beyond the comprehension of human beings, as well.

Questioning God at any level is detrimental to one's spiritual health; Christians should avoid accepting unverified thoughts and theories. It is God's Word that we are to turn to for answers, not unlearned and spiritually muddled viewpoints.

Some are striving to find solutions on their own, innocently but ignorantly, while others are attempting to undermine God and His Word in a malicious manner.

People who are constantly looking for faults with God and His Word should be avoided at all costs. If you follow them, you will only experience spiritual uncertainty and pain.

Regardless of the source of information, it should always be checked against the Word of God. Read it with your own eyes; then you won't need anyone else's opinion, and the Truth will be indelible in your heart and mind for the rest of your life.

God is a mystery that defies comprehension. He possesses limitless power and authority, as well as boundless knowledge, and he is not constrained by the constraints of time or space.

God did not create us; rather, we were created by God. We are incapable of assessing the depth and breadth of His wisdom and knowledge. Rather than confronting Him on topics that are beyond our ability to comprehend, we should investigate and believe the Bible, and then trust and follow His instructions.

After you have accepted His Word as the final authority, you can enable His Promises to come to fruition in your life. He is the One who provides unlimited wisdom, joy, hope, and Everlasting life to all who come to Him.


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