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What does the Bible say about intuition?

"I had a feeling something like that would happen." We've all said it about something or someone at some point. The emotion that leads us to know certain things without completely comprehending how or why is known as intuition. We have strong inner leanings toward or away from people, situations, or future actions that we can't explain, and those leanings often turn out to be true, according to the wisdom of the wise. Intuition is a gift from God, and learning how to develop and grow it can help us avoid making bad judgments and having bad relationships.

To be made in God's image (Genesis 1:27) suggests that we were built on a different scale than the plant and animal worlds. There is a spirit within us. We have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. When we make poor decisions, we have a conscience that disturbs us. We also have intuitive suspicions about things we don't understand. Some people are born with more intuitive abilities than others, but we can all improve our intuition to some degree by simply tuning in. Even if nothing in their conversation indicated it, a woman meeting a man for the first time may get an intuitive impression that he is dishonest and lusty. When she acts on her intuition and it turns out to be true, she can enhance it by listening in to it more frequently and paying attention to its cautions. A man may be ready for a business merger, but his gut tells him there's more to the storey, so he puts it off, just to find out he was correct. And he's grateful he gave attention to his gut instincts.

However, one's sentiments may be incorrect, and not all inner inclinations should be taken seriously. "There is a route that appears right to a man, but its conclusion is the way to death," reads Proverbs 16:25. Satan's proposals are easy prey for a life not submitted to Jesus' reign. What appears to be intuition could be one of the enemy's "fiery arrows" (Ephesians 6:16). Because of our sinful natures, we are prone to making mistakes and making poor decisions. We can be led misled if we rely solely on our own powers of judgement. David "sat before the Lord" (2 Samuel 7:18), taking pleasure in His presence and calming his spirit. When we quiet our thoughts sufficiently to dwell on God's Word, our spirits hear Him. When we pray for direction and seek God's counsel, He tells us to trust that we have the wisdom we've requested (James 1:5). We proceed forward in the direction that appears to be the smartest, knowing that the Lord is directing our feet (Psalm 37:23). When our intuition is rooted in God's Word, submitted to the Holy Spirit's control, and aligned with God's wisdom, it can guard us against errors and keep us on the straight and narrow (Proverbs 4:26; 15:21; Isaiah 26:7).


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